Turley Native, Former UFC Fighter Gerald Harris Opens Training Center In Tulsa

Thursday, June 9th 2016, 11:08 pm
By: News On 6

Turley native and former UFC Fighter Gerald Harris opened up his Hurricane Training Center. 

 A huge motivation for opening the Center was to raise awareness for health problems due to his own family's health related issues.

Harris said, "I've always been into fitness, that's due to my family, my grandpa died due to diabetes, my father struggled with diabetes, being in good health is important, people don't understand until it's too late."

Another motivation in starting the Center was Harris' goal to own a business.  He says he is one of few African-Americans to run their own business in the Tulsa area. 

"I'm actually a history teacher, so I know about Greenwood and Black Wall Street and how African-Americans have struggled over the years,” said Harris. “So for me to have my own business, even though it's 2016, it's a great accomplishment. I'm from Turley, OK.  I dodged bullets, I dodged gang members and I just kept my head above water.  Sports was my outlet, and my mom told me if you want something you got to work for it and it's a blessing to own a business. But what our people have been through, it's even more of an accomplishment."

Interest level had been high at his Center. In one week, he had to get a bigger facility in on South Mingo Road in Tulsa.  Harris is encouraged about the opportunity to pursue a dream after fighting. 

"You can't be a fighter forever, you can't be an NFL player forever, [and] you can't be an NBA player forever," he explained. "I love teaching; It's a career. The gym, it's a career and I really enjoy it. Not only am I helping people, I'm helping myself."

Hurricane Training Center is located at 5505 South Mingo Rd. Unit-G in Tulsa.  They do a partnership with Brandon Ishem's Fit Camp that is held Wednesday night's at 7:00 p.m. at Memorial High School.