BA Police Combat Big Increase In Shoplifters

Thursday, September 3rd 2015, 6:25 pm
By: News On 6

Broken Arrow police say they're working more thefts at big box stores and that shoplifting is up by two-thirds.

Stealing costs all of us money and puts lives in danger.

BA police say the city is seeing more shoplifters, and they're brazen.

Thieves walk out of big box retailers with carts full, sometimes taking off with more than $500 of merchandise.

It takes a toll on stores.

"It's bad for the stores,” BAPD Sgt. Eric Nester said. “It increases the prices."

And it puts shoppers in danger.

"Depending on the value of it, they're committing felonies out whenever families are shopping,” Nester said. “They obviously want to avoid apprehension, so they're going to end up trying to run or fight or flee."

Last week, a father-daughter duo stopped accused shoplifter Jakob Garland at Lowe's, near 71st Street and U.S. Highway 169.

Garland was arrested for grand larceny, having heroin and other complaints.

Henri Anthony and Marlon Evans were arrested on Saturday when police say they stole from Walmart at 71st and Aspen, drove off, got pulled over and ran from police.

Police say Anthony and Evans also had marijuana.

Kara Cunningham was arrested on Sunday for larceny at that same Walmart.

Police say she stole electronics and had three bags of meth in her car.

"Basically puts the general public in a little more danger than some of the other crimes that are occurring,"  Nester said.

Police say the Target at Hillside Drive and Walmart at 71st and Aspen have been hit hardest this summer.

Target had 16 larcenies in June and July and eight in August.

Walmart had 27 larcenies in June and July and 19 in August.

Nester says the stores are working with police, and asks people to let police handle shoplifters.

"Don't intervene unless you absolutely have to, you know, to defend a life,” he said. “But even then, we recommend being a good witness. Get a tag number, get a photo, get a good description, be able to pick them out of a line up."

Police have surveillance video from the stores and are putting more police on patrol at stores.