Father, Daughter Vigilantes Attempt To Stop Suspected Tulsa Thief

Thursday, August 27th 2015, 11:34 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa man and his daughter stopped a suspected shoplifter Thursday, but said they got choked, kicked and taken for a ride in the process.

Alan Gale said he's so frustrated with crime in this city that he's not scared to put his life on the line to stop people he sees committing crimes. He said thieves make his blood boil, especially in Tulsa.

"I mean, you got everybody and their brother coming in, thinking they're thugs and they're going to take over the town. I don't like it," Alan said.

Around 11:00 Thursday morning at Lowe's near 71st & Mingo, Alan made a stop to pick up materials for a remodeling job when he heard commotion. Police said people were yelling at Jakob Garland as he tried to steal $600 of merchandise.

"I don't have to keep my hands off of him," Gale said.

His daughter, Kyla, said, "If they get by with that, what will they go to next?"

Alan caught up with Garland in the parking lot and they fought. He said Garland got in his car and tried to run him over, but Kyla, who also got the vigilante gene, climbed in the back seat, reached over Garland's shoulder, and yanked the steering wheel.

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"He's obviously doing something wrong and nobody needs to get ran over because of an idiot," she said.

But police said Kyla's move might not have been the smartest either, because Garland drove off with her.

She said, "I was hitting him, grabbing the wheel, trying to keep him from driving off with me anywhere. Trying to grab the keys, turn off the car, something to get me out of there."

After a short drive, Kyla said Garland grabbed her by the throat and threw her out of the car.

Broken Arrow Police officers caught up with him shortly after and said they found heroin on him.

Alan said, “I basically will do whatever it takes to stop them. I mean, if you see me and you're stealing, I'd be concerned. I will come after them."

Garland was arrested for grand larceny, assault and battery, possessing drugs and speeding.

Kyla ended up in the hospital with minor injuries.

Police advise to not do what the Gales did.