Oklahoma Vet, Fiancee Receive Gifts After Tornado Destroys Wedding Decor

Sunday, July 19th 2015, 10:57 pm
By: News On 6

A U.S. Army veteran and his fiancée are getting the wedding they thought they'd never have.

The bride to be accepted the gifts during today's Wedding of Tulsa Bridal Show.

Army Veteran Jason Waters and his fiancée Rhonda Watt still are pulling themselves together two months after a tornado tore their family home apart. In the process, it destroyed all of their belongings, including everything they had bought for their October wedding.

Watt had a big smile on her face as she clutched the box holding some much needed items for her wedding on Sunday.

"It means a lot to me,” Watt said. “I just never have been as blessed with all of this happening. I will definitely have to pay it forward."

This big help comes after her home and wedding items from decorations, wedding favorites and wedding dress were destroyed during this May tornado in Bridge Creek.

Watt and her soon-to-be husband Army vet Jason Waters still have a long way to go before they've put everything back together. In the meantime, the non-profit “A Soldier's Wish” and Weddings of Tulsa have been putting something else together.

“To just brighten their day when they've lost everything -- they can see there is good in America, and they serve our country and they are awesome for doing that, and it's just a little thing we can do for them,” Kristal Mitchell said.

A Soldier's Wish website

A Soldier's Wish found the family, and Weddings of Tulsa, through donations from multiple vendors,  delivered a big giveaway. The giveaway package included a custom-made bridal veil, bridal party floral items, complimentary engagement and bridal photos along with other perks.

"It's hard not to fall in love with this couple,” John Bun said. “They seem so sweet and thankful, and man, they serve our country so if we can do anything to give just a smidge of what they've done for us, it's just a no-brainer for us to try to help these guys out."

Watt says the tornado ripped a lot apart, but not her love for her future husband or her desire to marry him.

She says since they lost their wedding items they planned on having a less fancy ceremony, but this big gift surely will spice things up.