Fiery Muskogee County Crash Leaves Family Searching For Answers

Sunday, April 5th 2015, 10:07 pm
By: News On 6

We have new details about a deadly collision that killed three people and left another hospitalized.

Larry Lawson and his 10-year-old grandson Toby were two of those killed in Saturday's fiery head-on collision on state highway 16 in Muskogee County.

Law enforcement still is working to find out what caused the tragic crash.

Lawson's grandchildren said he was driving the car that caused the collision. They say Lawson is typically a very cautious driver, and they have no idea what caused him to veer into the other lane.

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The tragedy has left its mark in the concrete and on two families.

"They had died from impact because their neck snapped… it gives us a little peace to know he didn't suffer,” Kelsey Pace said.

Law enforcement has identified one of the victims in the other vehicle as 24-year-old Ashley Biggs. She died, while her mother Christina Biggs is in serious condition.

Law enforcement hasn't released the names of the other two people who died, but Kelsey and Kaylee Pace say they know the other two victims... their grandpa and little brother.  Larry and Toby Lawson.

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“[Toby] was a football player,”  Kelsey Pace said. “He played basketball. He was just sweet and he was very tender-hearted."

They say the pair was heading back to home when the crash happened. While little is known about how all this started, the family came back to the crash site today hoping to find anything left of their brother.

"We were hoping we've find a little toy of his or something," Kelsey Pace said.

So far, they've only found charred road and debris, and that may be all they'll ever find.

A Mountain View volunteer firefighter says that's because the crash and fire were so intense.

"It was a pretty horrific accident,” Brett Allen said. “I don't think they stood a chance, honestly."

He said the fire melted highway reflectors 50 yards away and peeled concrete down to the rebar.

"It peeled concrete three 4 inches deep on the bridge,” he said.

The family says they've found some peace, believing the pair died on impact, being spared the pain of what came next.

Due to the intensity of the flames, the bridge where the accident happened had to be closed for repair. ODOT was able to put a temporary fix on the spot last night, but expects to do a more extensive repair on Monday.