Girl Scouts Run Into Sales Bumps With Residential 'No Soliciting' Signs

Wednesday, February 4th 2015, 6:35 pm
By: News On 6

Girl Scouts will be going door to door in just a few days to sell their classic cookies like Thin Mints and Tag-alongs.

But there are some doors they are not allowed to knock on.

According to a city ordinance, Girl Scouts can go up to any house, except if there's a “no soliciting” sign out front.

While it keeps crooks away, some neighbors say they wouldn't mind if a Girl Scout was at their door.

Thousands of cookies were delivered to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma warehouse, and in just a few days, all of the boxes will be in the hands of some of the cutest sales girls around

" I like to sell them," 5-year-old Daisy Scout Kenzi Dalessandroe said.

She has one main reason why she likes to sell Girl Scout cookies.

"I like the people that I meet,” she said.

But she won't be able to ring some door bells.

"We are told to not go to houses that have the no soliciting sign,” Ivy Robertson said.

Tulsa City Councilor GT Bynum said the "No Soliciting" ordinance was originally put in place to protect homeowners

"So they can regulate who is coming to their house and knocking on their doors to sell them things," Bynum said.

If you want to keep bad guys away, but don't mind buying some Thin Mints, you can put up a sign to let Girl Scouts know they are welcome.

"They can make exceptions for people like Girl scouts… so it can be no soliciting except for Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts can go knock on their door."

This will be Kenzi Dalessandroe's first year to go door to door. She thinks she has a good sales strategy that will work.

“If I say, ‘Do you have any cookies?' And if you say no," she said with a smile.

You can handwrite or even print a sign and put it up to let Girl Scouts know they can come to your door.

Just make sure it's near the "no soliciting" sign.