Owner Of Rescued Mare, Colt Found In Creek County Identified

Monday, January 5th 2015, 7:06 pm
By: News On 6

The owner of two horses found roaming around a dangerous stretch of roadway in Creek County was identified Monday evening.

A colt was when hurt from jumping over a barbed wire fence as officers tried to corral the horses.

An Oklahoma City area resident reported the horses had just been purchased and were in transit when they escaped from a pen, said Kiefer Chief of Police, Johnny O'Mara.

It was in a pasture off 151st Street South where the young colt almost lost his life. He and his mom were roaming around the street when a neighbor first spotted them and called police.

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"This is me pulling up, you see the colt jumping the fence, at that point getting into that pasture," said O'Mara.

Dash cam video from inside O'Mara's patrol car shows the mare run toward the patrol car, then, turn around and head the other direction; her colt running alongside, then tries to jump over the barbed wire fence, and gets caught.

"That's a hard scene to watch," O'Mara said.

Neighbor Brett Bowling, thinking the worst, came out to help immediately.

"If he's got an artery busted and we were really concerned he was going to bleed out," Bowling said.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case; the barbed wire just missed a major artery.

Lost Souls Equine Rescue and Sanctuary owner Dawn Martin took the two until the owner was found. The vet was able to care for the horses.

"Our vet is hoping everything is looking real good, there's not near as much swelling as there was, we are hoping there won't be any long term problems,” said Martin.

Police said they checked with all the neighbors in Kiefer and no one said their horses are missing.

It wasn't until after reports of the horses were shown that the owner contacted Kiefer Police and the Horse Rescue Facility to make arrangements to get the horses, O'Mara said.