Police Arrest Man Connected To 2011 Murder Of Muskogee Toddler

Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 7:36 pm

Police made an arrest in the murder of a Muskogee 2 year old recently. One arrest had been made previously, but the man who went to trial was cleared.

Jacion Logan was 2 years old when he was killed around Christmas in 2011; three years later, police believe they have arrested the killer.

Police in Muskogee said they were able to make the arrest after some new information came in about a suspect that, all along, they thought had some knowledge of the case.

It was three years ago when Jacion was shot and killed. He wasn't targeted, but was hit by gunfire when an intruder randomly fired shots into the house.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Ezzard Onebear for the murder, and Jacion's family is united in believing he will be the one to answer for the crime.

“It's like it's happening all over again, but it's better knowing who did it and I can be at peace with the situation now,” said Jacion's mother, Charlisha Logan.

They've been through it before, when police arrested Elbert Meeks in the case. He went to trial and was acquitted.

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Muskogee's police chief, Rex Eskridge, said the first case relied on eyewitnesses.

"We just have a lot more evidence involved, so the case is much stronger and I feel confident in the evidence against Onebear,” Eskridge said.

The family praised the police for following up and finding a new suspect, and they believe when he goes to trial in a year or so they'll finally learn what really happened.

Jacion's grandmother, Vickie Ragsdale said, "There's going to be a lot more information coming out this time as to why he did it and things like that."

Onebear's arrest Tuesday came almost three years to the day after the murder.

"It's heart-aching to know we'll be going to court, for hearings, all over, going through it all over again," said Jacion's grandmother, Sandra Cooper.

The chief said the new information they developed isn't just limited to the murder, he believes other crimes might be solved out of this and other suspects could even be arrested in the case.