Metal Work Sparks Broken Arrow Grass Fire

Tuesday, February 18th 2014, 3:51 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A Broken Arrow man learned just how quickly a fire can get out of control. He was doing some metal work and had even taken precautions, like making sure he had water nearby; but with high winds, it didn't matter.

The fire didn't threaten any homes, but it was a good example of how just one spark can start a fire.

The fire was small, but spreading fast, when firefighters arrived. The wind was pushing it across a yard into some woods at 193 East Avenue and 131st Street South.

Brandon McGee and two other men started fighting it with all they had; some sheets of plywood they would carry to the flames then let it fall and smother the fire.

It threatened a set of utility cabinets but water arrived just in time. Firefighters worked with shovels to rake over the flames or turn dirt on top of it.

McGee and his men were working on the foundation of a house, they started grinding some metal and that's when the fire started.

"And that was it man. I looked up and the whole trailer was almost, so we pulled the truck out of the way and that's all we could do," McGee said.

The fire only covered an acre, but it was down in a ravine and woods that was difficult for firefighters to reach with their hoses.

The Broken Arrow Fire Department had to bring in an engine to pump water to the brush rigs.

A careless mistake that started the fire turned into several hours of work to get it stopped. Traffic was backed up while firefighters blocked the road.

People around this area are no strangers to fires. Just over a mile a fire Monday destroyed structures and a man's home.

Firefighters quick response kept this fire from spreading.