Wintry Weather Expected To Bring In New Year For Northern Oklahoma

Tuesday, December 31st 2013, 11:48 am
By: Dee Duren

Wintry weather isn't letting up on Green Country in the New Year. Another cold front is expected to sweep into the region Wednesday bringing a dusting to an inch or so of snow.

With temperatures in the 20s, drivers will need to watch for some slick roads into Thursday morning.

The snow distribution is expected to be light, according to WARN Team Meteorologist Mike Grogan.

"An upper-level impulse will allow a snow band to form and brush across northern Oklahoma that evening, leaving some of us with up to an inch of accumulation," Grogan said in his latest weather blog.

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Grogan reviewed weather trends in 2013 which were cooler than usual this summer and drier as well - with nearly an 8-inch deficit in rainfall.

Fifty-six tornadoes were reported statewide during the year. In May, devastating tornadoes struck central Oklahoma, and several EF-2 twisters were reported north and east of Tulsa.

In July, 80-plus mph winds caused damage to Tulsa, and an ice storm brought the year to a close.