Woman Carjacked In Tulsa Walgreens Parking Lot

Friday, December 27th 2013, 10:01 am
By: Emory Bryan

Police have been working on a carjacking that took place at a Walgreens on North Peoria at 8:00 this morning.

This afternoon police found the missing car, but not the suspect.

A woman told police a teenage boy came to her window with a gun and took her car.

Officer Rufus Newsome, Tulsa Police, said, "We have officers in the area, searching for the suspect and the vehicle at this time."

Police were hopeful that surveillance video from the store would help but say it was poor quality and didn't show much of the parking lot.

The missing car was a gray, four door Kia, with an unusual tag from South Dakota. That description helped police find it later, but police wouldn't reveal the location because they were hoping to find the suspect nearby.

Police say the carjacker was a young teenager.

Officer Rufus Newsome, Tulsa Police: "She was talking on a cell phone," said Officer Newsome, "suddenly a young black male walks up, between 15 and 16, asks her for money and she said she didn't have any and continued talking on the phone. He pointed a gun at her, forced her from the vehicle and drove off and left her at the scene."

The police spread out over the neighborhood and, while they eventually found the car, they didn't find the suspect.

The victim was unhurt, just shaken up by what happened.

Police are still hoping to find him, but not having much luck with very little to go on, other than any evidence they find in the car, and tips about where it was found.