Tulsa Woman Recounts Terrifying Encounter With Ex-Con Intruder

Friday, October 4th 2013, 6:45 pm
By: News On 6

We told you last month about a man who fought off a bail bondsman, then ran into an elderly woman's home. The woman's daughter happened to stop by for a visit and fought with the intruder to get him out.

So many times, we hear about these crimes, then forget about them, but victims often struggle for a long time.

Barbara has had nightmares, she's second-guessed her decisions and her life has changed in many ways, because of that one, terrifying encounter.

Barbara said the man grabbed her arms and, in that moment, all she could think was she had to get him out away from her mother.

"I hate re-enacting him, but all he said to me in a horrible voice with yellow teeth - you just remember these things - 'You have to help me,'" Barbara said.

She said she remained calm and got the garage door back open, even though he was grabbing her hands and she was walking backwards. That's when he knocked her down, ripped the car keys out of her hand, stepped over her, jumped into her car and sped off.

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Police arrested Jonah Beartusk about a month later. He's now charged with burglary, robbery and stealing Barbara's car.

An affidavit says Beartusk had knocked down Barbara's 87-year-old mother and taken money from her purse before Barbara arrived. It says he had attacked a bail bondsman, who was trying to arrest him, and ran about a mile, until he went into the home a mile away, through an unlocked backdoor.

Barbara's mother has dementia and only remembers snippets of that day, but it's all still very fresh for Barbara.

"It makes you a different person. The person I was before August 21 is not the person I am now, on how I live," she said.

Barbara's car is still missing. She had to replace everything in her wallet and get a new cell phone, because those items were in her car, as well.

Beartusk has pleaded not guilty. He's back in court on October 18.

Barbara told us she's ready to testify.