News On 6 Concept Home Mixes Traditional And Modern, Benefits Hungry Kids

Wednesday, September 11th 2013, 11:07 pm
By: News On 6

Even if you're not in the market for a house, it's always fun to dream. This month, those dreams can also help feed hungry children.

We got an early look at the 2013 News On 6 Concept Home.

"This particular kitchen has a farm sink that's stainless steel, that you don't see a lot of," said Phil Reese, of BMI Properties.

Reese knows a thing or two about construction--his family has been building homes since 1965. But building this year's concept home in an older neighborhood near Utica Square has been a particularly satisfying project.

"For us, it's been kind of fun, because we're getting back to some of the traditional things we've done in the past, but we also get to throw the contemporary at it," Reese said.

The exterior of the English country home is on the traditional side, but the interior is open, fresh and full of contemporary surprises.

What looks like a one-car garage is actually a two-car garage. It's equipped with a hydraulic lift sturdy enough to hold two cars.

"So you can pull in, lift the lift all the way up and put another car underneath it, then drop it down into the basement," Reese said.

And inside the house, there's another set of gadgets.

"The whole house can be controlled from these touch panels that are strategically placed throughout the house," Reese said.

Meaning everything from temperature control, security, lighting, and even raising the shades can be controlled and programmed by the push of a button.

Other surprises are more low-tech, including a wall of hidden storage space.

"You've got to take advantage of all the different space in a house like this," Reese said.

It also has a theatre room and an office/playroom designed to look like the deck of ship, complete with twinkling stars overhead.

But for the Community Food Bank's Eileen Bradshaw, the biggest prize of all is what this house can do to help feed children at risk.

"We're helping more with Broken Arrow and we're expanding more in middle and high schools," Bradshaw said. "Every dollar that comes in here will go to buy food that goes in those backpacks, so it will literally help feed kids who otherwise might not be able to be in the program."

The Concept Home will be open for tours starting Thursday, and running every weekend through the end of the month. You can catch a shuttle to the house at Utica Square.

Tickets are $10, and again, every penny goes to the Food For Kids backpack program.

Get more information here.