Police Recover $1,600 Guitar Stolen From Tulsa Store

Monday, August 26th 2013, 5:04 pm
By: Craig Day

Two people will soon face charges for swiping a valuable guitar from a Tulsa music store.

Now, investigators are looking into whether they're responsible for guitar thefts at other stores that happened the same week.

All small business owners have to watch out for shoplifters. Mostly, they take small things they can hide easily in a pocket. But one thief grabbed a guitar, turned it upside down, put the neck down his pants and took off. But he didn't know he was caught on videotape.

The guitar is one of the best offered at The Music Store at 31st and Mingo. It's a Fender/Eric Clapton signature model that sells for about $1,600.

So it was frustrating for the owners when thieves were able to slip away with the guitar.

"Any little thing that walks out the door is a hit to us, but especially a $1,600 guitar that just disappears," said Adam York.

The video shows a guy carrying a motorcycle helmet walk into the store along with a woman. The two look around and then split up.

While the woman keeps a store employee occupied, the guy grabs a guitar.

"It wasn't a little $99 starter pack or anything, this was a pro-end, high-dollar guitar," York said.

After sticking the guitar neck down his pants, the thief walks stiff-legged, when employees weren't looking, and goes out the door.

"It's very frustrating. You work hard to stock the store with nice items and then someone comes in and just takes it," York said.

The good news is, police recovered the stolen guitar.

They say a confidential witness came forward that led them to Christopher Prince, Amber Hall and the stolen guitar, which was sold to another store for a few hundred dollars.

Investigators believe the theft was motivated by drug use.

The two were arrested for unrelated charges, but will soon likely face new charges of grand larceny and concealing stolen property.

In addition to charges expected in the guitar theft, 27-year-old Christopher Prince faces several unrelated credit card fraud counts.

Amber Hall, 26, is also charged with unauthorized use of a credit card.