Security, Safety Top Priority At Bixby's Newest Elementary School

Tuesday, August 20th 2013, 3:41 pm
By: Dave Davis

Bixby's newest elementary school was designed with several security upgrades in its classrooms in order to keep its students safe.

News On 6 was at Bixby's Northeast Elementary when students arrived for class Tuesday morning.

Parents and kids were lined up outside the school more than a half hour before the doors opened. The school district says 478 students showed up for class. That's the number they expected.

"More than anything, I was just impressed with what Bixby had done in putting this building together," said Jamie Milligan, Bixby Northeast Principal.

Milligan says the building is state of the art. But there are six features the district is especially very proud of and you may not even notice if you were not paying close attention.

In case of any emergencies, six classrooms double as safe rooms, steel windows and doors, reinforced walls, and window cages that roll down in seconds.

"You know, I'm proud of this school district for having the forethought to think beyond its years," said Jamie Milligan.

Case in point, Bixby Superintendent Dr. Kyle Wood said the school board passed a measure ten years ago, which requires safe rooms in all new construction buildings. Six district buildings have them; one more is under construction and all future buildings will have safe places to hide if the weather takes a bad turn.