Bobby's Blog: You Call THAT A Playoff?!

Thursday, June 21st 2012, 9:42 pm
By: News On 6

I am excited! I'm sure you are, too. HOW COULD YOU NOT BE?

We are all geeked over a four-team college football playoff. It's the obvious way to crown a champion. Determine the winner ON. THE. FIELD.

NOT in a computer data regurgitation or a spreadsheet full of numbers. That's not football. Fold up that paper you printed those BCS rankings on and I'll show you how to play paper football. Make some uprights with your fingers.

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Yes, this potential playoff sounds awesome. But, I caution you. This is really just a JV version of a true playoff format. FOUR TEAMS?! That's it?! I've played in bigger XBOX tournaments.

Four teams isn't really a true playoff tournament, but it's a heck of a lot better than what we currently have.

That's how backwards college football has been over the years. We've picked our champion by popularity contests. It's a beauty pageant. Who's perceived as the best two teams?

That thinking screwed Oklahoma State last year and has screwed many others since the BCS came along. Now, at least it's a bit fairer.

There are still a lot of questions. Isn't this going to hurt the ‘powerful' SEC? Those teams will all surely have a loss or two after beating each other up all year. They won't have a shiny, spotless regular season record like Boise State or maybe some top-tier PAC 12 school. Is that fair?

The top four teams get in but will those fans travel? The two semifinal games will still be BCS games (Sugar, Fiesta, Rose or Orange bowl) and the winners will play in the national title game in a city with the highest bid. That means Ohio State fans may have to win the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans and then a few days later have to come up with the cash to fly to Miami, Dallas or some other big city if they want to see their team play in the title round.

Can we afford that? That question was raised on the radio today. It's a fair criticism. Instead of saving up for one, gigantic bowl trip like in the past, now fans have to save for two big roadies. Plane tickets aren't getting any cheaper.

I would expect college football fans to soak up this format once it begins in 2014. I hope that the four-team tournament will eventually expand to 8 or even 16 teams. If you're going to do a playoff, do it right.