Tulsa's Central High School Heading To National Quiz Bowl

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012, 11:52 pm
By: Emory Bryan

A Quiz bowl team from Tulsa's Central high school is heading to a national contest. It's a first for the school.

"I think we just have a really solid team, some really smart kids," Amy Scott, Quiz Team Coach, said.

The team captain is Jacob Vance. His teammates count on him for general topics. Each student has a strength and weaknesses.

"History, I don't know any history at all," Kristina Marcotte said. "I don't remember it. That's Jacob, he knows that. He knows everything."

The Central team has the opportunity to go to national because they did so well at state - and the Central Foundation agreed to pay for the trip.

Michael Lockett calls himself the slacker of the team, because he had to be talked into joining.

"I wasn't confident in myself, but as the school year went on Miss Scott gave me that motivation and said you can do this," Lockett said.

Senior Kristina Marcotte is used to the pressure of a quiz bowl. She's finished high school at 16 and is heading to college to study chemical engineering.

"When you're under that much pressure it goes much better, because you remember things you never knew you knew," Marcotte said.

The central team has great expectations for their chances at the Quiz Bowl - and great hope for themselves because of the work they've put into building on their natural smarts.

The contest is Saturday - and if goes well - the finals will be Sunday. We'll let you know how Central's team performs.