Affidavit Details Abuse Allegations In Muskogee Girl's Death

Tuesday, June 21st 2011, 9:28 pm
By: News On 6

Ashli Sims, News On 6

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma -- There are new details on the brutal rape and death of a four year old Muskogee girl.

Her grandmother, 42-year-old Betty Hall, and her uncle, 22-year-old Robert Meeks II, are behind bars, accused of a string of crimes. Police say Hall suspected the girl had been hurt and did nothing.

The story is made even more heartbreaking because, according to police records, the four-year-old girl was on a heart monitor, still wore a diaper and was unable to speak. 

Police say the disabled little girl suffered internal injuries described as violent and sexual in nature.

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In a police report, investigators say the grandmother, Betty Hall, woke up just after midnight on Saturday, when she heard the little girl's "heart monitor alarm go off."

That's when she told police that she saw her oldest son, Robert Meeks Jr., leave the bathroom, stop and look around suspiciously, and quickly walk into his bedroom and shut the door.

The report says Hall went back to sleep and didn't notice anything odd until she woke up five and a half hours later.  That's when she told police she went to change the victim's diaper.

The report says Hall noticed the diaper was partially on and was not put on the way she always does it.  She also said the diaper wasn't in the same condition she last left it.

It goes on to say when Hall went to wipe the girl, she was bloody.

Investigators say the girl's grandmother admits at that time she knew her son Robert had done something bad to the victim.

According to the report, Hall was scared to say anything to Robert or her husband and she was going to just wait and hope the injuries healed on their own.

The police report does say Hall knew her son had been in the victim's room because the only time the girl's heart monitor ever goes off is if the she was moved by another.

Hall is facing charges for failing to get her granddaughter medical treatment or report the abuse.

Robert Meeks II is facing charges for child abuse and rape.

It's still unclear how the girl died. She was suffering from a heart attack and a high fever when she was taken to the hospital on Sunday, June 19, 2011. She died a day later.