Can Tiger Move On?

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:22 pm
By: News On 6

Originally Published: Apr 6, 2010 7:54 AM CDT

He was contrite.&#160; He was apologetic.&#160; He was open.&#160; He was honest.&#160; Now can Tiger be done with answering questions?</P>On Monday at Augusta, Tiger Woods gave a compelling 35-minute question and answer session to the media and public.&#160; I never felt like he owed me an apology, but many members of the media felt as though Tiger owed it to them (and remember that Tiger was the one who apologized for feeling entitled).&#160; But I applaud him for giving those who demanded an explanation what they felt they deserved.</P>Tiger answered questions about his car accident on Thanksgiving weekend.&#160; He answered questions about his involvement with Dr. Anthony Galea.&#160; Questions that, in my opinion, he could have ducked for reasons of legality.</P>Tiger spoke of taking fans for granted and vowed to remedy that immediately.&#160; He promised to respect the game of golf with his on-course actions.&#160; Tiger said he will continue to help people who cant help themselves even though he has already helped thousands through his foundation.</P>I was skeptical of Tiger following his first two pseudo-apologetic public appearances.&#160; I heard him apologize to loved ones and fans.&#160; I heard him speak of feeling ashamed for what he did.&#160; But Im not sure I bought it.</P>After Monday, consider me sold.&#160; Now lets let him get on with his life and playing the game of golf.&#160; Refuse to cheer if you wish.&#160; Protest Tigers deeds by not purchasing the products he endorses if you must.&#160; But dont punish his family any further by continuing to push Tigers personal life into the public spotlight.</P><BR/>