Irwin The Kangaroo Gets Help From Anonymous Friend

Thursday, April 21st 2011, 5:24 pm
By: News On 6

Rick Wells, News On 6

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -- The continuing saga of a Broken Arrow kangaroo takes a happy turn. Irwin and his owner have been at odds with the city over its exotic animal rules.

But now, Irwin has an anonymous benefactor who could make his future a little brighter.

You may not be able to tell, but Irwin's favorite cartoon show is Sponge Bob. He watches in his new bean bag chair.

The folks at Wild heart Ranch, the animal rehab place, said it might help his muscle development.

Actually we came by for an update on Irwin's legal troubles with the city of Broken Arrow. On Tuesday evening the city council informed Christi Carr, Irwin's owner, they were considering changes to the city ordinance that might require $50,000 insurance and Irwin to be caged in public.

"Those are out of the question for me personally," said Christi Carr, Irwin's owner.

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She says why would you cage a disabled animal, sounds like cruelty to her, and the insurance too expensive.

"I was only able to find an agent that could get one quote. The amount of the insurance was $1,100 a year, and the deductible was $12,500.


Then an anonymous benefactor contacted her through an attorney.

"This anonymous person has paid for his insurance," Christi said.

At least, the anonymous donor has agreed to it if the city says Irwin needs it - for as long as he needs it.

Irwin's become internationally famous.

"He was featured in a lady's magazine in London," said his proud mom, as well as in interviews on radio around the world. And after all the wrangling, she's gaining confidence.

"We still don't have a yes or no, but things look better every day," said Christi Carr, owner of Irwin, a disabled kangaroo who is used as a therapy animal.

We've about worn out our welcome, we'll let Irwin get back to sponge Bob and we'll check back later.

The next meeting of the Broken Arrow city council is set for May 3. The new exotic animal ordinance should be ready for them then.