Students Cook, Serve And Learn At Platt College's New Restaurant

Wednesday, August 4th 2010, 6:20 pm
By: News On 6

By Rick Wells, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A fancy sounding meal, without the fancy sounding price is what you can get at the new Foundations Restaurant. It's operated by Platt College's Culinary Arts Program, and the menu features everything from salad and sandwiches to grilled salmon or a steak.

"Need a rib eye medium well with mashed potatoes and a rib eye medium well with glazed carrots," the call comes into the kitchen.

Foundations Restaurant is the latest addition to the culinary program at Platt College, 3810 S. Sheridan in Tulsa.

"This gives them the opportunity to learn to sell their food, to learn to deal with their customers, to learn to smile," said Jeff Howard, Director of Culinary Arts.

Student chefs need to learn all aspects of the business, not only food preparation, but also how to manage a restaurant. Half the class works the kitchen, and the rest work the front.

Then they switch.

"I need two medium rare rib eyes, two mid-well rib eyes, two chicken salad sandwiches, asparagus with phyllo, smoked shrimp quesadilla; that's what I have all day," comes the order.

"Yes, chef."

"Thank you."

Hard to keep smiling with somebody yelling at you, but that's part of the training too.

Pratt College started its culinary arts program last fall. These students have progressed through the basics, and this is the last stop before they work in a commercial kitchen with a chef for a few months in what's called an "ex-ternship."

The restaurant has been open three days a week since last month. They have pastries for sale every morning. They're getting busier every week and are developing many repeat customers.

This is just the beginning for the Foundations Restaurant. By mid-October, they'll be open a couple of nights a week for dinner.