Zanybandz Craze Makes Young Girls Happy, Owners Very, Very Happy

Tuesday, June 1st 2010, 3:39 pm
By: News On 6

Chris Howell

TULSA---Lori Montag's business, Zanybandz is one of the hottest crazes in the nation.

‘It has been a wild ride, it has been crazy, beyond our wildest dreams,' said Lori, ‘we're in probably 15 states right now, 8 to 10 thousand stores, sold millions and millions of Zanybandz that kids are wearing everywhere.'

But why are young girls so zany for Zanybandz?

‘They glow in the dark and they can make like, different kinds of shapes,' said Meagan Baughn, ‘if someone likes one of your Zanybandz and you don't like that one then you can trade and if you like one of theirs and they don't want it then you can trade.'

‘My daughter and her friends that's all they can talk about, they love them. Trade them and see how many they can get, and they wear them to school up to their elbows,' said Lisa Baughn.

With many schools banning them as a distraction to learning, the sales have been boosted even higher. Lori is cashing in on the craze either way.

 ‘This is probably one of those once in a lifetime things, you know I've had different businesses before,' said Montag, ‘and to have one of the hottest selling things right now in the nation, you couldn't wish for more than that.'