Jenks Football Booster Club's Financial Records Released

Wednesday, October 14th 2009, 10:18 pm
By: News On 6

By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

JENKS, OK -- The News On 6 has learned new details on just how much of a boost Jenks' suspended head football coach was getting from supporters.

Jenks' long-time head football coach Allan Trimble was sidelined indefinitely earlier this month for recruiting violations.

The News On 6 obtained financial records and they show Jenks' booster club paid for 18 Christmas gifts and mileage expenses for Coach Allan Trimble.


Football Booster Club June 2009
Jenks Trojan Football Booster Club Budget 2008
Trojan Football Booster Club Profit & Loss Budget Overview 2007

It's not clear if any of the payments violated Jenks School Board policy or OSSAA guidelines.

Among the typical expenses, like food for the team and new jerseys, there are a couple of line items that could raise a few eyebrows.

Last January, the boosters paid $381 for Coach Trimble's food and mileage.

According to the boosters 2008 expense report, they spend about $4,500 on mileage reimbursement for Jenks football coaching staff. But Trimble is the only coach who already receives a $2,400 car allowance, as part of his district-paid salary.

Fuel is listed as one of the items included in a $570 bill the booster's paid for Coach Trimble in September of 2007.

In February of 2009, the boosters wrote a check to Courtney Trimble for 18 hams for Christmas gifts. The expense report doesn't say who received those hams.

The News On 6 requested records from 2007 and 2008, and it's clear that the lion's share of booster club money goes to support the players -- buying equipment, uniforms and team meals.

They did spend between $22,000 and $37,000 on the coaches.

The News On 6 spoke with several Jenks administrators Wednesday afternoon. They say almost all of the district's booster clubs operate within the school's activity fund. And that gives them more oversight into how much money they raise and where the money is spent.

They say all of the booster club expenses are approved by the Jenks school board.

According to board policy, it would not be appropriate for a district employee who was receiving a car allowance to also be paid mileage, but the district couldn't say if the Coach Trimble incident violated that policy without looking at the details.

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