Several Tulsa Area Players On OU's Roster

Thursday, January 8th 2009, 7:35 pm
By: News On 6

By Jeffrey Smith, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A dozen players on this year's OU roster played their high school ball in the Tulsa area.

Family members who are still in town say they've been holding their breath all week.

For a bunch of local coaches, the OU-Florida game is the first time a former player is competing in the BCS Championship. They say it's a big deal not just for OU, but for their high school programs, too.

Burgess Shaw's got a lot on his plate.  The 16-year-old has a varsity wrestling match on Thursday night and then, there is his older brother.

"My brother's playing in the national championship game. You know, not everybody can say that. It's just real exciting," said Burgess Shaw.

Derek Shaw is the starting long-snapper for OU and the stage couldn't be any bigger than Dolphin Stadium.  But, back in Sand Springs, Burgess is dealing with his high school buddies.

"They're mostly ragging on me right now, just trying to say, you know, OU can't do it and all this stuff. And, I've just been the guy they mess around with cause my brother's on the team," said Burgess Shaw.

Shaw's high school coach says he was one of the hardest-working kids he's coached.  And, he'll be paying close attention during the game.

"I hope he's bringing representation to Sand Springs real well, and not on the negative end of a guy blocking a punt and running it back for six," said Charles Page Coach Dustin Kinard.

There are four Green Country players on the depth chart for the championship game.  Two Union grads, a Charles Page grad, and a Booker T. Washington alum.   

Quentin Chaney is a starting wideout for the Sooners.

"He was more of a goofball, you know.  Somebody that's telling the joke or clowning around, that was him, you know.  But then, when it came to game time, he was a different person," said Booker T. Washington Coach Antwain Jimmerson.

Jimmerson says Chaney is his first player to play for the national championship and there are a lot of nerves.

"There are some anxious moments already, leading up to the game," said Booker T. Washington Coach Antwain Jimmerson.

Derek Shaw's mom and dad and family spent the week in Miami soaking up the sun, but Burgess couldn't go to the game because of his commitment to the wrestling team.  He says he's got the house to himself.

He says he plans on inviting some friends over, ordering some pizza, and watching his brother play the game.