Friends Discuss RSU Suspect

Tuesday, February 26th 2008, 10:29 pm
By: News On 6

Friends of Tywone Parks are speaking out.  The arrest has shocked many on the RSU campus, but some aren't surprised.  The News On 6's Ashli Sims reports two friends of Tywone Parks paint two very different pictures of the 24 year old.

There is a picture of Tywone Parks, laughing with friends and hanging with his fraternity brothers.  And, that's the Tywone that Josh Glazebrook knows.

"He's done different plays here at the school. Very social. Everybody knows him. Just a great person," said RSU student Josh Glazebrook.

Glazebrook can't believe the person he calls friend is suspected of having a violent side.

"I mean he got along with everyone. All the girls loved him. I've never heard.  I've honestly never heard anything bad about him," said RSU student Josh Glazebrook.

A glance at Tywone Parks' page and you begin to glimpse another side of the 24 year old.              He calls himself narcissistic and anti-social and posted a picture of himself with a machine gun.

A woman who went to school with Parks says she used to think he wasn't capable of violence.

"He was never that kind of person. He was always calm and collected. And, just a really great guy to be around and that's why this is really heartbreaking," said former classmate Rana Peters.

But, Rana Peters says something happened two years ago to cause her to keep her distance.

"He had mentioned a plan that he had that he was going to enact to get revenge on people that had hurt him," said former classmate Rana Peters.

Peters calls Parks a practical joker, so she asked him if he was serious.

"He just kept, remained in character, and that's when I became ill at ease and quite concerned about what's going on," said former classmate Rana Peters.

Rana Peters says she took her concerns about Parks to a teacher, but she doesn't know what that teacher did with the information.

Tywone Parks is being held in the Rogers County Jail on a complaint of devising a plan to hurt or kill someone.  But, Claremore investigators admit they're not sure if he meant to carry out the plan.

So far, he has not been charged.