Pilots Upset That Their Airport Is For Sale

Friday, September 7th 2007, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

One of Tulsa's airports is for sale. Harvey Young Airport has been put on the market, and the sale could mean that it would close and be turned into a housing development. Harvey Young is Tulsa's only privately owned airport that's open to the public. The News On 6’s Emory Bryan reports the owner says a deal is in the works to sell it, but he would not say if it's likely to remain an airport.

Harvey Young Airport, located at 1419 S. 135th E. Avenue, is surrounded by neighborhoods, on 92 acres in East Tulsa. Seventy pilots keep their aircraft there, and many more fly in and out. Dave Dalton flies some at Harvey Young and works on aircraft too.

“Small aviation in Tulsa is going to take a big hit,” said aviation mechanic Dave Dalton.

The people who use Harvey Young say there's no other place so convenient and affordable for recreational pilots.

"The idea is that you can get into your airplane and fly and you're about 20 minutes from anywhere in Tulsa," Dalton said.

A small group of pilots have been flying, and hanging around the airport for dozens of years. They hate the idea that it might close when it changes hands.

"I'd rather it stay an airport, but you know, it's the man's airport, his land and it's kind of hard to tell a man he can't do something with his land," pilot Everett Kendrick said.

That man is David Guzman. He bought the airport in May and immediately put it back on the market for $1.8 million.

"It's a speculative land deal more than anything, I don't have a real desire to own an airport,” David Guzman, owner of Harvey Young Airport said. “It was a good value for what we bought it for, and since I'm in the aviation industry, it was something I could continue to operate while we market the land."

Guzman says he realizes the airport might be convenient, but doesn't believe it's necessary.

“Well of course, I'd prefer it stay an airport, but it's not one of my stronger desires,” he said.

That worries Mick Fine, a pilot who hopes to save Harvey Young.

"And we hate to lose this community, we think it's a good place and it is viable on its own," said pilot Mick Fine.

Mick Fine has started a website, www.saveharveyyoung.com, to share information on the history and value of Harvey Young Airport. Meanwhile, the owner of the airport says the deal on the table could be closed this month, but again, he wouldn't say what would happen to the property.

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