Young Tulsan still showing her patriotism

Monday, July 7th 2003, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

The 4th of July may have been days ago, but a local girl is still proudly wearing her patriotism.

Six-year-old Anastasia Dale stood on the corner of 41st and Yale often during the war in Iraq. She hadn't been out there in a while. Her mother, Susan Dale says Anastasia had to remind the adults to get them all dressed up in their red, white and blue again. "Last week she asked me again, 'But Mommy when are we going to go out there?' And I said, 'Well yeah but its so hot sweetie' and she says, 'Isn't it hot where they are?' She's right; it is hot where they are and they are sacrificing for us."

The Dales say they've gotten a lot of support from passers-by and even a few veterans.