Candidates for Tulsa mayor hope to stand out above the crowded field

Thursday, January 31st 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Eggs and Tulsa Mayoral candidates come by the dozen. News on Six reporter Emory Bryan says High school students filled a large hall at TU, and candidates filled the stage - and this isn't all of them - three more didn't show up.

With a field that crowded going into the primary - each candidate hopes to stand out. Terry Simonson, "I don't think reparations can help correct the wrong that was done." James Alexander Jr, "The problem is the money has not reached the projects it was intended to reach." Bill LaFortune, "I think education is the key for the upcoming minority community." Gary Watts, "The bad news is there are orange barrels out there, the good news is that we're making progress."

The students in this audience wanted to hear from the candidates - they're all studying the mayor's race, though only about a fourth of them can vote. Dan Maloney, Edison High School: "I like to see all the faces of all of them, I get a better interpretation of who they are, what they’re about just by looking at them."

Students submitted the questions - about poor streets in north and west Tulsa - racial profiling by the police - whether we need more skate parks and if the teen curfew works.

The candidates agree on some issues - but tried to point out their differences. Bill Tims, "And every one of the fellas talk about business and streets, I talk about people." Stephen Smith: "I'm really the only true business minded candidate."

Despite the number of candidates - and abbreviated answers - many students said they were able to pick out a winner - and would certainly vote - when they're old enough to register.

The election is next Tuesday, February 5th.