Tulsa firefighters watch fellow NY firefighters' rescue efforts

Wednesday, September 12th 2001, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Among the millions watching the rescue efforts in New York City and Washington DC are firefighters, many of whom know firsthand what it is like to tackle such a tragic situation.

News on Six reporter Diane White talked to some of them about the tragedy, and the firefighters who died in New York City. She visited with Tulsa firefighters at fire station #4 in downtown Tulsa. Station 4 is the home of Tulsa's technical rescue task force. They're men and women who've spent hundreds of hours training to handle unusual and dangerous emergencies such as a building collapse.

Many of the firefighters here, spent days helping with efforts at the Oklahoma City bombing. They have been watching the events unfold in New York City, stunned and shocked by the horror of what has happened. The tragedy hit home when more than 200 firefighters died during the rescue.

Tulsa firefighter Chad Miller, "My hearts go out to their families and to their friends and to their co-workers. We lost more firefighters in one day, double than what we normally lose in a whole year. It's just pretty unbelievable that that many of them are gone."

Fire Capt Dan Williamson: "I saw a firefighter interviewed yesterday and they said he was crying and he lost his entire crew, he got out but his crew was lost. And as a company officer I cannot imagine going through that."

Fire Capt Dannie Caldwell: "They all died doing what they loved to do and their families and the rest of the country can rest assured that that's what we live for."