Getting the Tulsa area hooked up with high speed Internet access

Tuesday, July 16th 2002, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

Only about half of Tulsa has any kind of Internet hook up at home. But the push is on to make the one you have 50 times faster. News on Six reporter Rick Wells has details in a News on Six Consumer Report.

Technicians are standing by to talk you through installation of your new high speed Internet hook up. It's a do-it-yourself project to get your connection running up to fifty times faster, do you need that? Kevin Downs is the marketing manager for Cox Cable's high-speed service. He says it can make your Internet life much easier. "You don't have to dial up and listen to modem screeches any more."

It is always on, and because it is customers tend to use it more industry statistics say about twice as much. Folks use it to learn new things shop, pursue their hobbies, and work at home. So who's lining up for a high-speed hook up? “The people familiar with the internet are most likely customer for this service." Cox is making it easy with that do-it-yourself kit we talked about, if your house is wired for cable, you can hook it up.

They're not the only player in the high-speed game. SBC Southwestern Bell has its own system, their DSL Internet service also provides high speed Internet, and you can hook it up yourself. In both cases you save the installation fee. There are some other universal advantages. You don't tie up your telephone with Internet access, and you don't need a second phone line. You can talk on the phone and surf at the same time. You get multiple e-mail addresses, so everyone in the family can have his own.

The costs are comparable. Cable subscribers get it for $34.95. You buy or rent the modem. Southwestern Bell who's expanding its service in Oklahoma has a special right now, 6 months at $29.95. 6 months at the regular $49.95 price, they provide the modem.

There are other providers, and more deals in the future.