Son back home with biological dad

Thursday, September 23rd 1999, 12:00 am
By: News On 6

CATOOSA, Okla. (AP) -- He spent the first night at his new home
laughing and tumbling with newfound cousins.

But only time will tell if the 2-year-old known as "Baby
Brandon" will have separation problems after leaving the only
parents he knew to live with his biological father.

Joseph Ferguson said he will be watching Brandon and will seek a
child psychiatrist if problems arise. But for now, he's just
enjoying playing with the son he nearly lost.

It was just two days before an adoption agency was trying to
terminate his parental rights that Ferguson learned he had a son.
It was a shock, especially since he had testicular cancer and was
told he would not be able to have children.

Ferguson took immediate steps to gain custody of Brandon, which
turned into two years of court battles. Finally, the Oklahoma
Supreme Court ruled last week that his parental rights could not be

Ferguson brought Brandon home Saturday.

"Dad, come here," Brandon said, pulling his father's hand at
their Catoosa home. "Let's play."

"Isn't he beautiful?" said Sue Ferguson, admiring her
grandson. "I never doubted that he would come home where he

Court documents show that Brandon's biological mother concealed
the pregnancy and then gave Brandon up for adoption without
informing Ferguson. The child was placed with the Ohio couple.

"Adoption can be a beautiful thing if done properly," said
Ferguson's attorney, Ben Faulkner. But "adoptive families need to
recognize that they don't have full rights to the child until both
parental rights have been terminated."

The Ohio couple has asked Ferguson to allow them to see pictures
of Brandon as he grows older. Ferguson said he has no hard

"It's heartbreaking for them," he said. "I know they are a
decent, loving couple who wanted a child."