Tulsa's Tender Loving Clowns work for smiles

Friday, March 4th 2005, 10:20 am
By: News On 6

With big shoes and even bigger hearts, the Tender Loving Clowns in Tulsa work for smiles.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells watched them twist balloons, paint faces and make the day brighter for some special kids in east Tulsa

"I'll make you a dog what color do your want." The Tender Loving Clowns are entertaining the kids at the Eastland Christian Academy. These are kids with disabilities and a little TLC maybe just what the doctor ordered.

Berry the Clown: "We want to bring a smile, we want to make somebody's day. We want to bring joy where there hasn't been any." Karen Plunkett has been clowning for about 5 years and she got this group together four years ago. This is what they love to do.

They all have other jobs, in fact they took off work so they could play with these kids, but they love to give the time because of what they get. Squeeker: "The smiles, the looks, the hugs, everything." Most of them would be doing this even without the make-up and the funny hair, but with some kids that helps. “As a clown, you can make a connection that maybe somebody can't otherwise."

Each of the clowns seems to have a special talent, like face painting. Every girl is a princess worthy of a special magic wand. Berry the Clown: "Sometimes it's just talking to them they think they have this new friend that's a clown, it's wonderful."

A little TLC's good for all of us.

The Tender Loving Clowns, as a group, work mostly for non-profit groups. They did 50 events last year.

If you want more information, call 918-409-1550.