Dillion Craig's 3rd birthday celebration

Monday, February 28th 2005, 10:21 am
By: News On 6

A family in Muskogee has a very special birthday desire for their son and it all started with a wish for another birthday.

News on 6 reporter Emory Bryan says some people might look at 2 year old Dillion Craig and think of all the things he can't do. His parents like to think about the things he can do.

He can smile. He can hear. And with the help of a physical therapist, he is making progress. Physical therapist Pat Pack: “I think he's more attentive to voices and the world around him.”

For his parents, those milestones are amazing. Dillion’s mother Kimbra Craig: "The simplest way to put it is that he was born without 95 percent of his brain, he survives with a brain stem alone."

It's true that Dillion can't walk, or talk, but he wasn't expected to live. Born with a disorder that is always fatal, he was never expected to live to his 3rd birthday, which by the way is this coming Friday.

Kimbra Craig: “This year he's good and healthy and next year we don't know what kind of state he'll be in or if worse comes to it, if he'll even be around.”

That's why they asked for birthday cards - hoping to get a few more than usual to brighten Dillion’s day.

The word got out on the Internet and so far 1,500 people have sent cards, which his big brother and sister love to open and read to him. Kimbra Craig: “The cards are something special just for him, which lets him know someone is thinking about just him.”

When a family doesn't know how much longer a child will live, every day is important, and birthdays are a special gift. Dillion has cards from every state and many other countries. The family’s goal is 3,000 cards.

If you'd like to send him a card, the address is...

Dillion Craig
3749 Club Estates Drive Box #2
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403