The terrible power of meth addiction

Wednesday, February 23rd 2005, 8:48 am
By: News On 6

Police say meth is the most addictive drug on the streets today, worse than heroin or cocaine. Counselors say many people try it just once and are hooked.

Last Thursday, the News on 6 did a story about a woman who overcame her meth addiction. Click here for that related story. Now that story has an unusual twist.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright says the woman who told us she'd turned her life around, is sitting in jail, arrested for meth.

Her friends say it's more evidence of the incredible power of being hooked on meth. Pam Colley's drug addiction sent her to prison twice for a total of 22 years. When she got out, she promised to change. She began repairing her relationship with her 15 year old son, worked as an administrative assistant for Operation Hope Prison Ministries and was studying to become a drug counselor.

With this new felony charge and two priors, she's bound to go back to prison. Pam’s boss Katherine Ludlum: "Pam was out two years and worked here a year, just had her one year anniversary. As we know yet, no charges filed, just allegations and we'll help her, praying for her, help her in anyway, just as anyone else in this situation."

Tulsa Police were doing surveillance on a suspected meth house Tuesday at 4 AM. They saw a car leave and pulled it over for running a stop sign. A drug dog hit on the car and officers searched it.

They say Pam Colley was the driver and had 100 grams of meth on her. Officers also arrested two other women and a man for meth and marijuana. Pam told a friend the meth belonged to another woman.

Counselors say they see meth more often in middle and upper middle class families.
And, it's creating an epidemic of grandparents having to raise their grandkids.