A Tulsa Police officer saves the day

Wednesday, December 15th 2004, 6:23 pm
By: News On 6

The Tulsa Police officer smelled smoke while on patrol near 8th and Lewis Tuesday night and drove around until he found the fire.

It was a trailer parked next to a home and the flames were spreading. Officer Dave Shelby woke up the sleeping family and even carried some of the children to safety.

As News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright explains, this officer is not only a local hero, but also a war hero.

The heat from the fire was so intense, it broke a window of the home and the flames were licking up the side of the house when Officer Dave Shelby banged on the door and woke up the sleeping family. "I told him your house is on fire and he said oh my God, I need help, so I went in and there was a five year old girl sleeping on a couch next to the wall that was on fire and I grabbed her and wrapped a blanket around her."

With Officer Shelby's help, Miguel Miranda, his wife, their 5 year old daughter and 18 month old twins got out alive. Even though Miguel lost the lawn equipment that's been his livelihood for the past four years, he is very thankful. "Some of my trimmers and edgers, about it. To me, not really much compared to the lives of my kids."

Officer Shelby has only been back on the job for three weeks after serving a year of duty in Iraq. He was with the First Calvary Division as a counter sniper team leader working in Baghdad. While there, he was in a HumVee that hit a roadside bomb, was thrown out of three other HumVees, fought against rocket propelled grenades and AK-47 fire and was shot in the back. He's quite modest about serving his country as well as saving the lives of the Miranda family. "It felt great, that's the reason I and most officers joined the force because we want to help those who can't help themselves and protect those who can't protect themselves. For me, that's what it's all about."

Certainly, one family is very thankful Officer Shelby is on the job. Tulsa currently has 9 officers who are away, serving their country.

Miguel did have insurance on his lawn equipment so he should get it replaced by the time spring rolls around. His only concern now was the safety of his family and he was so appreciative of Officer Shelby.