Police Still Looking For Home Invasion Suspects

Wednesday, March 28th 2007, 10:31 am
By: News On 6

A Tulsa family survives some terrifying moments as they're robbed inside their home. It happened near Eastland Mall around 10 p.m. Tuesday. The family told their story exclusively to News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright. She reports they thought they were safe because they live in a second story apartment.

A short time after arriving home from the grocery store two men came into the family’s apartment and assaulted the father, hitting him in the head with a gun, and kicking him. And when Holly scooped up the girls the man turned on her.

"He had the gun pointed toward her head, telling me to make her shut up, make her quiet, make her quiet," said the robbery victim.

Holly says the man snatched her cell phone away from her and started yelling, ‘Give me your money, give me your money.’

"Only had $6 in my wallet, he didn't believe me that I didn't have any more. I took out my bank cards and just dumped everything out so he could see I didn't have it," Holly said.

The suspect demanded her pin number and told her if she lied, he'd come back and kill them all.

Holly says it seemed like the men were there forever, and the whole time she was wondering if they'd live through it.

"I didn't know if the gun was real, if there were bullets in it, my only thought was protecting my children," she said.

Holly says the men grabbed a small television the couple had won at a Christmas party, two bank cards, the cell phone and $76 in cash, then bolted out the front door.

At first Holly was upset; now that everyone is safe she's angry.

"Get a job, just go get a job if you want something,” Holly said. “You don't have to steal from hard working folks who keep to themselves, and if they have anything it's because they earn it."

Holly says she immediately closed her bank accounts. She says she’s called her cell phone several times and the men answered, but then hung up.

Anyone who has information about this crime can call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. If your anonymous tip leads to an arrest you could earn a cash reward.

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