Study: New moms at risk for variety of mental problems, dads not as

Tuesday, December 5th 2006, 5:05 pm
By: News On 6

CHICAGO (AP) A study finds new moms face increased risks for a
variety of mental problems, not just postpartum depression.

The study also says new dads aren't as vulnerable, probably because they don't experience the same physical and social changes associated with having a baby.

The findings are based on medical reports of 2.3 million people over a 30-year-period in Denmark. The study found that the first three months after women have their baby is the riskiest time.

During the first ten to 19 days, new mothers are seven times more likely to be hospitalized with some form of mental illness than women with older infants. Compared to women with no children, new mothers were four times more likely to be hospitalized with mental problems.

The study appears in tomorrow's Journal of the American Medical Association.