Veteran’s Day Surprise

Saturday, November 11th 2006, 3:14 pm
By: News On 6

An Oklahoma Marine gets a surprise on Veteran’s Day. News on 6 reporter Josh Brakhage has the story.

"Surprise! It's for you! Happy Veterans Day!"

When Sergeant Brandon West walked through these doors in January, the surprise was on his family. After a tour of duty in Afghanistan he snuck up on his mom at work. Saturday was payback.

"Yeah he didn’t know," said Redena Dalton, West’s mother.

"No I was completely surprised," Brandon said.

West is home after four years of active duty in the Marine Corps that put him on the frontlines in the War on Terror. It's his first Veterans' Day home with his family.

His brother and sisters read letters to their family's hero, "express my gratitude for you and the love I feel for you," said his sister.

The letters were enough to make even a tough Marine tear up.

"We've always been a close knit family. Especially with five kids, you know. So things like this, it's very touching," said West.

"This is the first time I've got to see him since he got back," Grandfather Carl West said.

Papa's Veterans Day wishes are inscribed in Brandon's oversized card. Carl West is a Veteran himself; he was in the Navy during Vietnam.

"We feel like we've done our part and would still do it today if we needed to," Carl said.

Now their family is doing its part to show these two heroes what Veterans Day is all about.

There are 25-million American veterans still alive.