Huge Vinyl Record Collection

Wednesday, October 4th 2006, 1:08 pm
By: News On 6

Myrl Hall of Adair has a bigger music collection than most public libraries. As News on 6 reporter Rick Wells shows us, his collection dates back to the 1920's and includes every conceivable kind of recording.

Myrl Hall has 100 45's loaded on this 1955 Seeburg jukebox; people come by to listen just like we did. "I've had people come here, stand here and start crying, brings back memories." Those 45's are just a drop in the bucket. "Over 1,000 LP's, I've got over 30,000 songs and I'm still logging in."

That's because people know he collects and they keep bringing him records. He started collecting 40 years ago, buying what he liked and alot of this he's found in old boxes of records.

Want to hear some Caruso, he's got it. Elvis, Bob Wills, Fats Domino and the Statler Brothers. He even has Kennedy's speeches on vinyl. He has got a whole collection of Edward R Morrow's Hear it now recordings. Johnny Cash singing gospel. He's got cardboard records from the Depression era and early 78's that are about a quarter inch thick.

What he doesn't have many of is CD's. He says he doesn’t have anything against today's music, you just can't be sure what you're listening to. "Too much acoustics, you can't tell the talent. These performers was pure talent."

He doesn't mind sharing his collection. Radio stations have used it to find songs they didn't have and he's copied songs and sent them all over the country and he doesn't seem to mind if you come by to have a listen like Rick Wells did.