Tulsa Police standoff ends with two arrests

Tuesday, September 6th 2005, 6:06 am
By: News On 6

An armed robber, who thought he was smarter than Tulsa Police, is behind bars. A witness saw a man wearing a ski mask and carrying a pistol; walk into the McDonalds near 1st and Utica late Monday evening.

Tulsa Police say the man fired one shot and demanded the money. He then forced the employees into a freezer, when he saw police arrive. After some negotiations, he agreed to release the employee hostages, after they came out, the SWAT team tossed tear gas inside the restaurant.

When the SWAT members when inside to grab him, he wasn't there, in fact, the store was empty. Turns out, he'd come out with the employees, disguised as one of them. Tulsa Police Captain Walter Evans: "What we found out after a subsequent investigation, we found out that the subject had disguised himself as one of the employees and the employees were afraid to make that known cause of threats he had made."

Tulsa Police arrested Clint Bradley and his girlfriend who dropped him off, LaDonna Mackool. Both could face robbery charges.