Eyewitness sees man fall out, ran over by car

Friday, August 12th 2005, 3:07 pm
By: News On 6

A convenience store clerk is in critical condition tonight after witnesses say someone pushed him out of a moving vehicle then ran over him.

News on 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright talked exclusively to an eyewitness.

Richard had stopped by his wife's work Thursday around 10:30PM when he witnessed one of the worst things he's ever seen.

Richard, Eyewitness: "The passenger door was wide open and his arms were inside like he was frantically trying to grab the seat or dash and his backside was out like someone was trying to push him out."

This happened outside the Shell filling station at 120 South Utica.

Witnesses were powerless to help the victim as their worst fear was realized and he was flung out of the truck.

Richard: "Finally, he lost his grip, maybe somebody got a good push and he came out and the back tires rolled over his legs."

That man is 20-year-old Matthew Jonas and he was the clerk at the Shell station. Surveillance video from the store shows Jonas got his backpack and walked out of the store minutes earlier.

He appeared to leave with the man in a black T-shirt, who police have identified and plan to interview. Jonas had more than $1,100 cash on him, but, nothing was missing from the store.

Jonas was the only person working and there were customers coming in and out. His boss says Jonas has been a good employee for the 10 and a half months he's worked there.

Richard says he's been praying for Jonas and can't shake that image from his mind.

Richard: "That's all I can see, him falling out and rolling and hitting and rolling and hitting."

Police want to find the person who could so callously drive away from such a thing.