Tulsa Company Makes Machine They Say Can Keep People Safe From Coronavirus

Friday, February 28th 2020, 10:55 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A Tulsa based company said it has a high-tech way to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

Their machines can kill everything from the coronavirus to the flu and they can disinfect an entire room in about thirty minutes.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health said it's investigated whether several Oklahoman’s have the Coronavirus.

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It said since September of 2019, 45 people have died from the flu in Oklahoma, which is where Chris Schultheis and his team come in.

Inside the weight and wrestling rooms at Inola Public Schools, Chris and his team are getting ready to wage a war on germs.

"Viruses MRSA bacteria we've even been called in for mold situations," said Chris Schultheis, Owner of Midwest Pathogen Services.

Schultheis owns a company he said that employs technology that can kill 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria and other hard to kill germs. 

"It was a goal of ours to adopt two schools over the last year. We wanted to do one school a year because we believe this technology can be used in everyday life - like school systems," said Schulteis.

Schultheis said the process starts with his employees wiping down surfaces that are touched the most. His staff then places several machines inside of a room, fills them up with a hydrogen peroxide mix and turns the machines on.

"So, what we are doing is basically fogging the entire room so that we can cover all bases," said Schultheis.

He said the fog not only fills up the room but gets inside of hard to reach places. Schultheis said not only can this process kill a virus like the coronavirus, but he said his company is the only one in the mid-west who uses this type of technology.

"It kills at a sporicidal level. If you can kill at a sporicidal level, you can kill all the way down basically to the virus level," said Schultheis.

Schultheis said keeping people safe is a dream come true.

"We are helping students. We are helping hospital systems," said Schultheis.

Officials said one of the best ways to still protect yourself is to make sure you wash your hands.

For a link to the Oklahoma State Department of Health click here.

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