Top 7 Best Creative Aquarium Decoration Ideas of 2019

Monday, July 22nd 2019, 3:36 pm
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It’s estimated that 10% of Britons keep fish as a hobby; the numbers are probably quite similar here in the US. Not only is fishkeeping fun to do, but decorating their environment can be quite exciting too.

If you’re one of the avid fishkeepers, here are the top 7 best creative aquarium decoration ideas of 2019.

1. Castle Decoration

Treat your fish like royalty and give them a castle fit for a king. You can place rocks alongside the castle so it looks even more natural in your aquascape.

Castles are ideal for your shier fish since they have ample space to hide in if they get scared.

2. Caves

You’ll want to get a few of these if you have fish that need hiding spaces but you don’t want something that looks artificial, such as a castle. These caves come in different designs, such as in a rock formation or made out of a coconut husk.

3. Driftwood

If you like to keep your aquarium natural-looking, this is ideal. Driftwood comes in all different sizes and shapes, which means each piece will be unique.

If you have a lot of greenery in your tank, some strategically-placed driftwood can break up the scenery and give it more depth.

4. Plastic Plants

Don’t want to keep up with the maintenance of real plants? Then no problem!

Purchase some realistic plastic plants that are both non-toxic and easy to clean. They’ll add pops of color to your aquarium and will never die.

5. Artificial Coral

For the same reasons as plastic plants, artificial coral is an excellent choice if you want to add different textures and color to your tank but are low-maintenance.

Corals are notorious for being hard to care for, plus you can only put them in saltwater aquariums. Get something that’s not only easy to take care of but feasible for all types of tanks.

6. Figurines

If you have a favorite video game or cartoon character, why not get a figurine of them to place in your aquarium? That way, you can show off your interests all in one place.

7. Statues

Give your tank that deep-sea look by placing ruined statues around. You can even combine them with deteriorated columns to amplify that effect. Take the ancient look even further by placing some moss on these statues.

If you’d like additional help on your tank, head over to This site is run by aquarists who are passionate about aquascapes.

Use These Aquarium Decoration Ideas for Inspiration

With these aquarium decoration ideas, you now hopefully have plenty of inspiration for how you set up your tank. You can pick and choose from these ideas so you make something that’s not only interesting but also truly yours. Just remember to keep the aquascape cohesive; otherwise, it’ll just look busy and disjointed.

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