Broken Arrow Woman's Wedding Happening Soon, Can't Get Answers From Men's Wearhouse

Monday, May 11th 2020, 8:51 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - A Broken Arrow woman said she put a deposit down on suits she ordered from Men’s Wearhouse for her wedding, but since they closed, she can’t find out if the suits will be ready in time for her wedding or if she can get a refund.

Jacklyn Tuggle said she feels like she’s left in the dark. She’s tried calling, texting and emailing Men’s Wearhouse for answers but hasn’t heard anything.

All she has wanted to know is if the suits she ordered, will be ready in time for her wedding.

“Really stressful. This is supposed to be like the happiest time in your life,” said Tuggle.

Tuggle said she ordered the suits months ago and paid the deposit for all of them and part of the total payment.

Since Men’s Wearhouse closed all of its stores due to Covid-19, she’s worried she won’t get the suits and will lose the money she’s already spent.

“You don’t budget to pay for nothing,” said Tuggle. “You don’t budget just to throw money away. That’s been the hardest thing.”

Tuggle said she’s tried everything to get in touch with Men's Wearhouse to see if she can count on getting her order or if not, then, get a refund.

She said she finally received one email, but it didn’t help.

Tuggle said she needed a backup plan, so she went to Ed Beshara’s in Tulsa to order suits.

She said she’s a teacher and is already on a budget and now is having to spend even more money.

“I’m super grateful for them because without them I wouldn’t have anything,” said Tuggle.

“You know you only get this day once. To not have something or to not being going as planned is really hard. Because I’ve thought about this since I was a little girl.”

News On 6 has called several numbers for Men’s Wearhouse and emailed but haven’t heard back.