Gov. Stitt Discusses Racial Inequality, State Representatives Say It Wasn't Diverse Enough

Monday, June 8th 2020, 7:40 am
By: Joseph Holloway


The roundtable lasted about an hour and the panel discussed a variety of topics -- all centered around race.

The panelists talked about their personal experiences with racism and how people can teach their children to fight against racism.

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Law enforcement interactions with black people are a big part of the discussion, and Moore Police chief Todd Gibson discussed the need for a healthy culture within police departments.

Chief Gibson said "you can provide all the equipment and you can provide all the training that you want to, but it really boils down to internal culture. What is leadership setting as an internal expectancy, what is the internal expectancy on culture, how we treat people?"

News On 6 interviewed three state representatives who say they believe the panel wasn't diverse enough and should've included more local leaders and lawmakers.