WATCH: Letter Carrier Catches Porch Pirate In The Act

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 5:19 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

A letter carrier confronts a suspected porch pirate and it’s captured on a doorbell video.

The homeowner was home at the time and says she is so grateful her letter carrier cares enough to get involved.

Daniel Sweet says he's delivered mail to this house every day for five years and he knows who belongs and who doesn't.

When he pulled up and saw the man on the porch, picking up a package, Daniel yelled “hey dude” and the man looked like a deer in the headlights.

Surveillance video shows a man riding a bicycle and then picking up a package.

He had no idea Daniel Sweet was driving up in his mail truck and was watching.

"He instantly went into his spiel saying home girl called me and told me and I know Nancy has never been called home girl in her life,” says Sweet.

the porch pirate had no idea Sweet knew the homeowner by name and she was watching it all happen through her front window.

"I said well she's right there let's ask her. He didn't even look. He just threw the package over his shoulder and took off as fast as he could,” says Sweet.

"When he saw him driving down the street he had the package in his hand and wanted to look nonchalant so he did a big stretch with the package and was starting to tell him a story about how I had asked him to pick it up, blah blah blah,” says Nancy Griffin, who owns the home.

Sweet says he's stopped at least 20 porch pirates on this route in the past five years.

He says this isn't a requirement of his job, he says he does it because he cares about the people he delivers to and takes his job personally.

"I'd want my mailman to do the same thing,” says Sweet.

Griffin says she considers Sweet a part of the neighborhood.

She feels safe knowing he keeps an eye on everything.

"I know he's not only keeping an eye on me he's keeping an eye on everyone. Nobody knows our neighborhood better than he does and who belongs here,” says Griffin.