Tiger King Star Being Sued by State of Oklahoma

Friday, June 12th 2020, 8:57 am
By: Shannon Rousseau

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe is being sued by the state of Oklahoma for $50,000 in back taxes, a petition shows.

The petition was filed in Garvin County and, according to People.com, obtained by PETA on Wednesday.

Lowe is the current president of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which was previously owned by Joe Exotic.

The petition states Lowe is responsible for "withholding, collecting, and remitting taxes owed by the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park to the state of Oklahoma."

While Lowe owes $50,274.01 in delinquent taxes, the "total amount owed won't be known until G.W. Exotic Animal Park files all of its delinquent returns as required by law."

The petition also states tax warrants were served to both Lowe and the animal park in December 2019.

The park's application to renew its sales tax permit was denied on May 1, 2020 because Lowe failed to pay up.

The order said the park must "cease and desist all business operations," and that "any person engaging in business without a proper permit may be charged with a misdemeanor."

The exotic animal park's Facebook page features two posts from early June which state the park is open for business.

The state of Oklahoma used those posts as evidence to show that Lowe continues to operate the park despite being told he couldn't.