Tulsa Police: Man Jumps Onto Ambulance, May Have Taken Bath Salts

Monday, June 15th 2020, 7:28 am
By: Amy Avery


Creek County Ambulance Service told Tulsa Police Officers they stopped to get gas when a man jumped on top of their ambulance and refused to get off.

Officers say when they got there the man was pacing back and forth.

They say EMSA transported him to the hospital earlier that night because he had taken bath salts but was then released.

They say the man then made his way to the gas station and jumped on top of the ambulance.

Tulsa Police say they then formed a game plan to let the the bath salts metabolize through his system enough to talk him off the ambulance safely.

Police were on the scene for 3 hours until they were able to get him off the ambulance and take him to the hospital.

They say the only crime committed so far is public intoxication and possible malicious mischief.

But they say they are just thankful they were able to get him off the ambulance safely and say it was great team work by all involved.