Booker T. Washington Alumni Create 'Silence Hate' Billboards

Thursday, June 18th 2020, 8:08 am
By: Joseph Holloway


There are new billboards on display throughout Tulsa calling on people to "Silence Hate."

Some members of the Booker T. Washington class of 1990 said all of this started with a large Zoom meeting for the class' 30th anniversary.

In that meeting, the class started talking about how the school -- known for its diverse population -- was a social and multicultural experiment gone right and how to show the world to do the same thing.

Shortly after, they learned about President Trump coming to Tulsa.

Reginald Mayes Sr. says the alumni group knew the eyes of the nation would be on Tulsa, and this was one way to show where the school's former students stood when it comes to racism.

"Even right here where the worst racial massacre happened, there still can be unity. We still can find ways to come together" said Mayes Sr.

The North Tulsa Cherokees Association reached out to help the group pay for the billboards saying the Cherokee Nation stands with the group on putting an end to racism.