Tulsa Slowly Returning To Normal Post-Trump Rally

Sunday, June 21st 2020, 7:40 pm
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Okla. -

The City of Tulsa is slowly returning to a sense of normalcy after several days of Trump rally preparations. President Trump’s visit ended around 9 p.m. Saturday but trash and metal gates are still lining miles of downtown Tulsa as of Sunday evening.

Cassie Cregar lives in the heart of downtown Tulsa. Cregar’s apartment building is near one of the rally’s entry points, so concrete barriers and metal gates have blocked her in her apartment since Wednesday night.

When Cregar woke up to see all the trash left on the sidewalks and roads, she wondered if people forgot that people have to deal with the mess.

“This is absolutely disgusting. Nobody wants to live like this,” Cregar said. “We have patrons of the city coming to clean, but I haven’t seen one city person all morning and it’s really upsetting.”

Tulsa residents could be seen on most streets near the BOK Center filling up trash bags with water bottles, food, cigarettes, folding chairs and more.

They said they wanted to make sure Tulsa is still a pretty place to be when everything returns to normal.

“I live here,” Tulsa resident Clark Fisher said. “This is my community. I don’t like to see it trashed up. It’s pretty nasty and it’s windy. It’s going to blow all over the city and it’s just not a good representation of our city.”

Dozens of trash bags line the streets. Downtown businesses were boarded up instead of serving Sunday brunch.

“I haven’t had my car out for three days,” Cregar said. “I can’t go out and walk anywhere. Nothing is open.”

Fisher said he’s happy Tulsa was able to be in the spotlight but was disappointed in the crowd’s disrespect when leaving the area dirty.

“It’s a great event for Tulsa,” Fisher said. “We’ve had so much progress. This is great but just pick up your mess, I guess.”

Cregar said she hopes Mayor G.T. Bynum sees what was left behind and takes cleanup crew scheduling seriously next time.